“When I started, I was mostly in my home all the time because the anxiety would be too high for me to deal with.  I could not even talk to my family about what I was feeling because just talking about it would cause me to sweat, fumble with my words and make me want to run and hide.  They thought I was dealing with menopause and that was what I wanted them to think.  For some reason, I was comfortable to speak with Harriet about what I was experiencing and it felt terrible.  She always gave me homework to do which helped alot.  I worked hard and the anxiety is so low now that I can decide to ignore it.  I am able to leave my house and I just joined a gym where I am meeting new people”.  C.R.

“As a financial professional I was experiencing so much anxiety everyday at work. I spent more time trying to stop the feelings than working.  The only time I felt like myself was on weekends at home with my family.  I was afraid it would destroy my professional reputation and I would be unable to work.  I never went to a therapist before and heard about Harriet from a co-worker who saw and recognized what I was going through because he dealt with it.  I immediately got in touch with her and from the first day she gave me ways to breath and things to do to help me.  In time I became the master of my reactions.  I was off automatic and could choose to pay attention to my negative thoughts or not.  When I repeatedly choose not to, they became so quiet, I barely heard them anymore.”  R. M.

“As long as I can remember I was anxious about something.  As I got older and went on my own the anxiety got worse.  Here I was a single 32 year old woman in a big city filled with single men and I could not go out socially.  I could not go anyplace where there were crowds of people.  I read every book on anxiety, and tried many therapists as it got worse.  When I had my first session with Harriet Samara (Samara, to me) I knew I was home and I was going to get real help. There was lots of what she calls “tools” and work I had to do.  Most people can only get the anxiety down to a low, livable level, but I am almost anxiety free.  I was able to go out with my friends again and I met a wonderful man.  I have been to crowded shows and events with
and without him with no thought or feelings of anxiety.”  A.C.



My self-esteem was so low that I would stay away from people because I never felt good enough. I was very resistant to therapy. When I started therapy with Harriet Samara her patient, gentle and compassionate nature enabled me to relax. I was able to open up and understand how my past has affected my self-esteem. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with difficult issues.”S.H.


I had been to many different therapists for years with little results. Harriet Samara helped me to see how my negative, distorted thoughts were creating my anxiety. With her guidance I learned to change my perceptions and thoughts to positive ones, which helped me to reduce my anxiety significantly. I am now working, getting together with friends and enjoying my life. She helped me when no else was able to.”J.M.


Three years ago I felt alone even though I had been married for 12 years. My husband and I argued over everything and stopped talking to each other unless it was necessary. Within 4 weeks of couple’s therapy with Harriet Samara we learned how to communicate our needs and our hurts to each other without blame. Our marriage has improved so much and we are now enjoying each other and even planning a vacation.”J.T.   

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